About me


I'm Kathrin and I have a mission!​

My great passion is to reach, move, touch, motivate and, above all, inspire people. Help you understand that NOTHING is impossible. It's completely up to you! Sentences like: "Yes, you can do it because you've been doing sports all your life" are not the solution. We all started at some point. When do you start? About my beginnings: Everything started with competitive and artistic gymnastics before I took up dancing. At 18, I gave up both and found myself in the gym. My goal was to work on my deficits and refine my strengths. Both mentally and physically. That was the start of my journey into functional fitness. Sport has always been an integral part of my life. It helps me to develop, to let go, to switch off and to further develop myself as a person, my personality. I'm always happy to challenge myself and try to listen to my body. Every day I share with you > my community < - with all the ups and downs that this journey brings with it. My start with social media! My first contact with social media was during my competition preparation as a bikini athlete. My coach at the time advised me to document my transformation and inspire others. Inspiring other people is something unique and that's how the account “fitness__kaykay” was created. I quickly gave up bodybuilding and was able to learn a lot of lessons for myself. Probably the biggest lesson was that appearances are not my primary motivation, but that I live and burn for the sport itself. I train to do something good for myself, my body and my mind. Just as I feel is right and feel comfortable. Looking good naked and feeling comfortable in your body goes hand in hand with that in my opinion. I have always used my social media presence specifically to share all my experiences with my community and to pass them on in good conscience. Always remember that at some point it is always day 1! A new job, a new apartment, a new city, a new circle of friends, a new phase of life or just day 1 when you consciously decide for yourself and your personal well-being. Let's work on it together, enjoy successes together and share moments with each other, because one thing unites us all and that is our passion for more than just wanting to look fit - we are all an #everydaywarrior!